Celebrating mass-produced, frugal, aesthetic design from india

Unusual sweets

UNUSUAL SWEETS: Vibhann aakar prakaar ki mithaiya

Yum ! Yum ! Yum !

Did you just say mithai !

Lets accept it .We are all born with that sweet tooth and some genes borrowed from ants.

These sweets not only taste exotic but are total eye-candies. The visual experience that their exotic and unique shapes offer, talks to us a lot about why they are so enticing. They definitely aren’t the popular or a mass choice, but might be an aspiration for many. Ranged from the price of Rs. 300 – 400 rupees per kg, they are gastronomic adventures loaded with khoya and pure ghee. We feature them here for the sheer delight they offer and for the emotional value of their design and the paradigm- based design they follow. Slide through the pics to embark this visual treat  !

Click on the following images:





Download from following link by Right click and selecting “Save link as”


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