Celebrating mass-produced, frugal, aesthetic design from india



  • What difference would it make if people were aware of Indian design?

India has been viewed from many angles, as an art form , a photographers muse , a cinematographers captive. We felt the dearth of a online platform to act as a database for Indian Designs.  This data can be cite or used as research material for the design community, students and professionals all over the world.

If people are aware of Indian Design, it will get its due on a global platform as do many designs from  other countries all over the world. The related industries, craftsmen can also get support through this awareness.

  • Is Design Mela only for designers?

NO, NOT AT ALL Design Mela is meant for all those who would love to see Indian Design getting the acknowledgement it deserves. We invite the people of our country to participate in this project with full gusto.

  • How can we contribute to the website?

You can contribute through various ways, as an idea contributor, photographer, writer or a researcher or our partner. For details, please go to our CONTRIBUTE section.

There is always space in our team for one more  !

  • Will I get any remittance for contribution?

 At the moment, we are not offering any fees towards the contribution. However, if your work (photo or write-up) features in Design Mela, you shall be acknowledged. Regular contributors will be part of the Design Mela Team.

  •  What are Terms and conditions for use of images ?

All content an images featured in Design Mela are original content.

Thus,the images and content featured in the blog can be used for all non-commercial purposes and with proper citation. Our aim is to create an open source database for the students, professionals etc.

Please  give us an acknowledgement while using any content from http://www.designmela.wordpress.com

  • Are the featured objects also on sale?

There are plans underway to make the objects featured here to be available for sales.

  • Is this portal for a definite time period?

No, Design Mela is a people driven project and we are totally driven towards the cause of  creating a Online Database of Indian Designs. It will run as long as we all contribute.

  • I want to partner with you. Whom to contact?

Please refer our PARTNER section for more details or write to us at designmelaproject@gmail.com

  • I am a blogger and want to submit articles on some topics. How can I ?
  • I am a designer. Can I become a team member in this project?
  • I also want to exhibit my similar work to this project. How can I?
  • I am a photographer. Can my work also be uploaded?

We , are at constant lookout for growing our team. Do Get in touch with at designmelaproject@gmail.com


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