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Nagaada: Just beat it

What is that? 
A name of a classic percussion instrument  in the kettledrum category in India.
Ok, whats so special about it ? 
Its a regular in festive celebrations, processions, marriage etc. Even considered
auspicious for the sounds it generates. Some cultures call it helpful in driving away evil spirits.
Hmm..interesting.What is this made of  ?

This is made of a claypot covered with leather on top tied by a mesh of strings. One uses wood sticks to beat on it and it even works with hand. Check out the hooks in corner to put a rope around for  wearing it around the waist.

Aha. Where do I purchase it from ? 

This is one available in local weekly markets for a meagre price of Rs.100-150 . I purchased it from a local market in Khajuraho.
How big is this ? 
The diameter would be like 10-12 inches and height is 7-8 inches . However larger ones could run into 1-1.5 meters in dimension.

Psst.. Check out some huge size nagaadas in this bollywood song : Nagade sang dhol baaje from Ram Leela

Is its availability  limited to India ? 
Nopes. Apparently its a popular instrument in countries like Iraq,  Iran, Azherbaijan, Turkey, parts of Europe but the name slightly differs. It could be called a naqqara etc.
Though its form and shape may differ from region to region. It has great cultural significance in countries. For example in Iraq it was beaten 5 times in a day before prayer time.

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