Celebrating mass-produced, frugal, aesthetic design from india

The Indian Paper Soap Trick

It has saved us many a time from embarrassment while traveling or if there was a necessity to go on mother natures call anywhere where hygiene standards were an issue. In a country like ours , where getting running water is a boon in public toilets or highway dhaba toilets , a paper soap in your wallet or purse was no less than treasure tucked in .This little but high utility object became a subject of close design analysis  last week only . And we realized , it deserved a proper mention in the design Mela project.Does this graphic remind you of the object of our current affection ? 1233This is Bufin ,a major player in the market of manufacturers of the paper soap. Bufin Soap Strips are supplied to the Indian Railways.Their website aptly describes why and how is this a advantageous product. We share some excerpts here :

  • Our quality range of Bufin Herbal Soap Strips is manufactured using quality raw material and has herbal extracts to give our clients natural benefits of Indian herbs.
  • These soap strips have a fatty matter of more than 73% and offer a variety of different fragrances in it. Our range of herbal soap strips contains saffron, neem, sandal wood, tulsi & turmeric.

Now, lets move beyond the product itself to understand why is this a design mela product ?Of course , being available at Rs. 2.50 only(low cost) it raised our design curation radars.Secondly, this paper soap comes in fine unique packaging  ..a single folded strip of paper but makes it a ingenious idea. A single stapled pin ,holds a sheaf of paper soap strips together .The usage is simple. just gently tug at one soap strip and pull it out .. put the flap on the remainder and you are good to go .The graphic on the packing is unique too . it explicitly states whats the product about and that works  like a charm on the Indian user , used to on-the -face marketing strategies. usually its woman washing her face by working up a lather.(a word of caution: do not use it on your dace ,it makes it dry . And ,it definitely does not work up that much lather.)
index bufin-soap-strips_10404969_250x250 537Its mass distribution, wide availability were instrumental in making it to the list too.its application areas are listed below. It finds use in
– In railways washrooms
– During picnics and travel
– In hospital or clinic washrooms
– In school or college washrooms
– At office washrooms and pantry
– In restaurants and fast food joints
– During weddings and social functions
– At commercial hubs like malls, shops…You need to get hold of any vendor selling chains ,pillows in a railway station in india and there are high chances they would have a bunch of these paper soaps.We would give it this product a 10/10 on functionality and a 8/10 on relevant and contextual aesthetics.So, have you been a regular user of this product or wish to try it ?


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