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The word comes from beeda, Marwari for a leaf wrapped in betel nuts, herbs, and condiments.

About Beedi

Beedi is the cheapest and most natural way to consume tobacco. This traditional method of tobacco use is yet very popular in south Asia and parts of Middle East.

Price Range

It is sold across India in small, individual-sized packets that cost between Rs 3-10 per packet.

Design on Beedi Packets

Beedi is a design mela product because of its unlikeness and attractive packaging. Image, colour, layout and text’s presentation is well chosen. A brief study reveals a tendency to use certain colour palettes: bright reds, greens and blues and black in it.

  • The image usage is generally limited to a manly looking person with an emphasis on his moustache. This moustache element is very striking and pulls the target audience.
  • Also sometimes, an emphasis on fragrance leads on having a female face on the packet.
  • Other favourite graphic elements are floral motifs as frames.

Beedi Packaging

Apart from its visual content the beedi packaging is the key element to keep the taste and essence of beedi. The beedi packing is done in paper wrap, followed by hard paper wrap so that moisture does not pass inside the beedi.

With the population our country has, this mild-stimulant’s market is gigantic! Each brand is in a race for capturing the mental space of the consumer, brand loyalties run high. Thus, graphic communication comes to play its role disguised in the most mundane of its form in this product’s packaging.

There are three methods of packaging, namely soft, hard and plastic. The soft packs are the most popular and widely preferred. The hard pack is especially made for the exports. The plastic packs are mainly used for the coastal and high rainfall regions to sustain the quality.
Soft Pack
The most popular product is the Soft Pack, which has 25 quality Beedis’ of superior Tobacco. These come packed in 20 units or 500 Beedis’ per carton.
Hard Pack
Each Hard Pack has 20 superior Export-Quality Beedis’. These come packed in 10 units or 200 Beedis’ per carton.
Plastic Pack
The Plastic Packs have a special Holographic band with the ’30 Beedi’ logo imprinted on it. These are also packed in units of 500 Beedis’ per carton.

Method of making Beedi

The beedi are rolled and sorted, baked in ovens (Charcoal fire) at a specified temperature and for a specified time. Beedi is 100% natural and absolutely no additives or chemicals are added during any stage of the manufacturing process. Completely handmade! Everything from the rolling of the beedies to packing the cartons is done by hand.

Why We love Packaging

Design mela finds the color of packaging which attracts mass
Its frugalness and the reason it solves its purpose.
Design Mela  loves the packaging but also says same as packaging
“Smoking kills”.

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