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Time for baaratiyo ka swagat!!


-peeli patti

When it comes to eating Gutka/ chewing tobacco it’s quite ratorical that it’s gaining grounds these days. Gutka is currently the subject of much controversy in India.

About Gutka

The chewing tobbaco is consumed by millions of adults and children.The data is a sheer implication  that this mild –stimulant’s market is not only gigantic but it also comes up with high brand loyalties.

Price range

It is sold across India in small individual sized packets that cost between 2 and 10 rupees per packet.

Design on Gutka packaging

Let’s not talk about the atrocities drawing our attention to its overall packaging –a brief study reveals a tendency to use certain color palettes: bright reds, greens and blues and black .

  • The image usage is generally limited to a manly looking person with an emphasis on his moustache.
  • Sometimes an emphasis on fragrance leads on having a female face on the packet .
  • Other favorite graphic elements are floral motifs as frames.

Printing process

As far as manufacturing process is concerned the graphics are printed on the plastic through gravure printing. Before ban on gutka supreme ruling put a ban on use of plastic sachets in gutka packaging .The companies considered relaunching using aluminum foil packets.Where one side its impact can’t be ignored on the same side it imparts upon it’s user a ‘buzz’ somewhat more intense than that of tobacco.

Health hazards of Gutka

It is more or less consumed like chewing tobacco, it is considered responsible for causing oral cancers and various other severe negative impacts to health.* Design mela definitely doesn’t appreciate Gutka chewing but promotes the packaging appealing to masses of India.






*Some References from Wikipedia

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