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Dugdugi-tak tak…


Tak tak ..tak.. Tak..trrr.. trr…Duk …duk….duk.. tak …

On goes the little Indian Mozart. The sound is inescapable, sometimes slightly irritating to a listener. But, the owner of this instrument always seems to be the one with a big wide grin.

What is Dugdugi?

The dugdugi or the Indian drum rattle is the inexpensive Indian toy which comes with a bundle of joy . The toy has a simple motive: creation of an earthy sound –which is similar to rattling and sounds like dug ..dug…hence the name. It seems to have a faint association with the sound of Lord Shiva’s Dumroo and hence that makes it an unconscious choice of an Indian Consumer.
Though available all over India, with variations in shape and sizes. Its usually a favourite of toddlers to kids upto 10 years of age.

Material used in Dugdugi

The materials that are used to make this toy are widely available:

a bamboo stick, paper, clay and string. The toy is made by skilled craftsmen and is usually available with local toy door –to door vendor.

Cost of Dugdugi

The cost ranges from Rs 5-10. The inexpensiveness of these toys make us admire as to how well have the Indian craftsmen understood the psychology of a child.

The short span of amusement that any object /toy beholds for a child, makes an inexpensive toy like Dugdugi, pocket –friendly for the shortchanged Indian parent.

So, Why is it a Design Mela Product?
Its affordability
Its Simple yet dynamic design
Its intuitive design
and above all ..
The ability to create a memorable experience while using it , gets DUGDUGI the place it deserves .

The Dugdugi, is a handcrafted product, but the consistency of its design makes it not a one –off art piece , but a design object to be cherished and curated in our virtual museum.

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