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Remember kulhad wali chai?


-biodegradable glasses

Who doesn’t remember kulhad wali chai in monsoon or a rainy day. Every class of people in India enjoy having Kulhad wali chai be it a person stepping out of a Mercedes and buying it or a person on a scooter.

What makes Kulhad special

This cup made of clay adds to the flavour of any beverage served in it. Since kulhads are unglazed,

a hot beverage (such as tea) partially soaks into the interior walls of kulhar in which it being served. This has an enhancing effect on the beverage’s taste and fragrance,”

which is sometimes described as earthy (sondhi khushboo).

Indian Favourite Kulhad combinations

The combination of kulhad wali chai with bun-makkhan(bun with butteris very popular among north Indians. Even some hotels and restaurants serve tea and lassi in ostentatious kulhads painted with flamboyant shades.Some desserts, such as kulfi(traditional icecreamare also served in kulhads.

Capactity of Kulhad

The biodegradability, affordance, frugalness of a Kulhad are amongst its top features.This ergonomic container is designed for holding liquids up to-:

250 ml

,for an individual. It’s because of its handcrafted production that there is lack of consistency on the stability of the base.

Making of Kulhad

Cost of Kulhad

No wonder the tea served in kulhad is more expensive than that served in cup-they charge you for the ‘experience’- a slice of life product. A normal kulhad ki chai would cost you-:

Rs 5 to Rs 10
Rs 2 to Rs 3

 for an individual kulhad , which is not a high price for a taste and fragrance rich beverage.

Replacement of Kulhad

Kulhads have gradually given way to-

Plastic and Coated-paper cups

in India but beside everything else (we believe) Kulhars are the most hygienic option.So on busy tiring day try one cup of chai from kulhad you will be refreshed for whole day!

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6 Responses to “Remember kulhad wali chai?”

  1. Vikram Singh

    I like it Kulhad…..chachi ke dhabe ki yad aa gayi ……
    Kulhad me lassi pine me kya maja aata hai jo …………..!!bilkul bilkul

  2. Shuchi

    Nice Article, You could probably also add to this the contribution of Indian railway stations to the growth of Kulhad use… and also the fun of it being use and throw..(the crackling sound which all of us know) 🙂


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