Celebrating mass-produced, frugal, aesthetic design from india


We Indians love our drinks and food, don’t we! And we have time immemorial gone all the length to get a good drink. The beverage being referred to is a hand- blended buttermilk and our home made and the topic of discussion is the simple little tool which lies quietly in our kitchens: the mathni, our Indian hand blender. This mathni is a miniature version of the bigger mathani, used for making makkan (butte ) and its by product chaas ( buttermilk ) . See the photo or the video at 00:21

Though the mathni has a limited usage, it’s still a must household product especially in northern parts of India. Despite the availability of many hand blenders, many Indian housewives and households still prefer the manual one due to the quality of taste achieved through the slow process of separating the butter from the milk. The popular model consists of two makes: one is a totally wooden one and the other with a steel base and body and a plastic handle for grip.



  1. Rajni Pathak

    mathini oh yes we all use it at home for making lassi etc….Do you have also seen wooden mathni and various other types and shape of mathini….??? Ya its not been recognized as a very famous design but at the same time now its great to see that you people have taken this initiative to make this useful design famous also..

    • butool

      yes rajni n mathni is netym btr thn dese homeblenders as dey dnt need electricity n common who cn deny d fun of using thm…


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