Celebrating mass-produced, frugal, aesthetic design from india



Design Mela is a INDIAN DESIGN AWARENESS PROJECT to celebrate

Design solutions,

Functional and
Aesthetic in its appeal

And that have stood the test of times.

Whether it is products, design modules, communication devices or spaces these designs are frugal,aesthetic and high on usability and experience.

Design Mela is an initiative by Thinking Threads Design (www.thinkingthreads.co.in).


The birth of Design Mela took place with a need to give INDIAN DESIGN its due.

A need to create a design language for the country; a database of designs, which resonated
with the cultural ethos,the lifestyle, the context, climate and the people of the country
was the reason the DESIGN MELA Team worked to make it see the light of the day.

DEMOCRACY is the foundation of our country, thus how could DESIGN MELA evade that.
We, at Design Mela aim to advocate designs which have stood the test of times, have been accepted by the people and are truly for and of the people of the Republic of India.

The designs featured in Design Mela, whether of products, spaces, systems, practices or of
communication,are truly iconic in nature for the country or a large part of the country.

Thus, hereby we present the first ever social platform for DESIGN AWARENESS in the
country.Design enthusiasts, design students, design professionals are all welcome to benefit from the information.

The information is open source and can be used for research purpose or just sharing with
your friends.

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