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Chatpati chat on Pattal..


-biodegradable plates

“Who wants to eat in a pattal nowadays” says Vikram Kumar who sells disposable plates when we asked him about the availability of pattals.

What is Pattal and what makes it special?

This Indian plate avatar of stitched dry banyan or Sal leaf also has pros apart from its biodegradability that makes us believe that it won’t lead its way to extinction. The essence of eating Indian food is only when it’s eaten on a pattal.

The tempting aroma of the delicious food multiplies when it’s served on a pattal itself having the fragrance of dried leaves.

Features of Pattal

The traditional ‘pattals’ (plates made of dry leaves) seems to be going out of fashion although they are biodegradable and have lost to its counterpart the convenient plastic.

Pattals can be trashed at any site without generating any toxic waste which is a highlight of this product.

Though slightly clumsy when using only single pattal, and prone to permeability when holding liquids, this sustainable container still upholds a lot of functionality.

Where Pattal can be found

Indians cannot forget the time 5-10 years ago before the popularity of plastic disposable plates had soared, pattals used to be present at every

wedding, religious ceremony, functions etc.

We cannot deny admitting that we tugged out the last bit of that yummy chat or gravy in between the stitches of the leaves in the pattal. This is the uniqueness of this simple yet functional design that we miss these days.

Varieties in Pattal

Pattal can be of varied forms across the corners of India. Some are plates having moulded containers for serving gravy based dishes; some are in the form of bowls for serving the famous spicy dish of India, chat which is loved by people all around the country.

Cost of Pattal

The cost of 100 pieces of pattal is Rs.50, making per unit cost
less than 50 paisa.
This makes it a perfect pocket friendly plate for its utility.

Size of Pattal

The usual size of cups
3.5 to 4 inches diameter and 11-12 inches diameter
for plate.

Design Mela rejoices creativity of India eating Indian dishes on pattal..

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7 Responses to “Chatpati chat on Pattal..”

  1. Jaikee Singh

    I used to eat on Pattal on Mata ka Bhandara , in Marriage of villages and on some other places. A Pattal always makes the food more delicious. My friends and me sit together on a carpet in Bhandara and take pattal for each and keep waiting for the food. Missing those Days, lots of Masti :):):)

  2. C.V.Krishna Manoj

    Long live your DesignMela ! I am immensely delighted to read about your noble initiative that saves environment in these times of unmitigated and rampant plastic-based consumerism indulged in esp. by the so-called “youth” and to some extent either deliberately or ignorantly by housewives (whose kitchen management revolves mostly around plastic products).

    I would like to know where in Hyderabad these pattal leaf plates & cups are available (hope they are pure pattals and not moulded using a LDPE sheets/ card board for pressing the leaves into desired shape as is the case that turned out to be in my quest of these blessed leaves- shattering the pious claims of those manufacturers that the leaves they produce are very eco-friendly!!!)

    Your reply is eagerly awaited by me. Also do provide a contact number for inquiries.

  3. shivadhaulya

    I am looking for pattal. I would love to commercialise pattal in Europe. Can anybody find Pattal manufacturers in India for me?
    Thanks and best wishes

    • butool

      hi, its great to hear of your plans. We will be more than glad to do connect you to some.

      Though this will be out of scope of our project ,but if its builds the cause of Indian design ,we will be more than happy to .
      Please share your mail id and contact for more discussions
      Our mail id is butool@thinkingthreads.co.in


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