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10 Rupee Project


Ever wondered what all you can buy with 10 rupees in India?

We took it up as a challenge and thought of collecting all possible combinations.

So, now we need all you bright enthusiastic out there to get out with the zest of Indiana Jones
and dig out the most unique set of things that can be brought out.

Design Mela proudly presents, the 10 rupee project.

Yes! Count me in… 

But what do I need to do?  

You need to be fast! Cause with each entry it gets tougher to get new ideas.
We will clearly be partial to unique entries.


  • 10 rupees in your pocket.
  • And a will to think innovatively and explore an Indian market SO HOW DO I GO ABOUT IT?

1.Go out to your nearest market, or roadside shops or mela wherever you want to. Just buy as many products of different categories as you can within Rs.10!

2.Bring it back home, click them all together. Send us the details of all items with their prices at designmelaproject@gmail.com

3. SEND US YOUR PROFILE PIC, name, organization associated with, any other details you would like to share about your mini-research.

Voila! You are all set.

4. We shall be reviewing the submissions and will shortly inform you whether your entry is going to be displayed or not.

Are there any rules?


  • Please make sure the sum of the prices is exactly Rs.10. It cannot exceed this amount.
  • You cannot repeat items falling in the same category. For instance no more than one food item, or one cosmetic etc.
  • The more items within Ten rupees, the better.

What’s in store for me?

Apart from the thrill and pride of being part of a project of national value and a research repository for any curator or design enthusiast, there is a little bit more we would like to offer.

If your entry is accepted, we feature your name, photo with your research in our website permanently You also get a token of our appreciation for working so hard just for fun – an official participation certificate signed by own ‘Design Bhaiya’.
So , guys get going , cause Design Bhaiya is waiting !

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